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Wedding Setup

aborate affair. Every bride/groom and their parents have a vision for the wedding – a vision that is unique to them and combines all the customs and traditions they grew up with.

We understand how complex and difficult it is to have everything smoothened out so you can have the best of both worlds. Planning your wedding is a time-consuming exhaustive affair, but easily one of the most awaited and exciting events in your lifetime.

Let us take care of you for the most important event in your and your family’s life so you can sit back and savor every moment of this special day. Indian weddings usually have both pre wedding festivities like Mehendi/Sangeet or simple get togethers followed by the wedding itself.

We will work on the floral and lighting arrangements and décor at your residence for the pre-wedding festivities. As the bride/groom get ready for their special day, our videographer will be ready to tell your story and our photographer to capture all the wonderful moments.

Mehendi is one of the most awaited events before the wedding. We have a specialized team of Mehendi artists who will deck you and your loved ones with designs of your choice. We have make up artistes who can help you get ready for all these events and look perfectly radiant for it. We can also provide accessories and ornaments matching your wedding trousseau.

As you enjoy your pre-wedding festivities, our team will weave the story of your dreams at the venue- from the backdrop floral decorations, Mandap, materials for the ceremonies, yagna shala, welcoming décor, table center pieces, wedding rangolis, music, seating arrangements for your guests, lighting, tapestry, drape work, sound system, food set up, wedding garlands, return gifts- everything that will take your wedding from a dream to a grandiose reality.

We will work with you on your choice of menu, flowers, the story you want to relay to our storytellers and the kind of pictures that you will remember for a long long time.

Alankrita Decorations will bring your vision to life so your guests never stop talking about it and you are overwhelmed but in a good way! Please ask us for reference pictures.

Pooja Setup

Every auspicious occasion such as Grihapravesh, Diwali Pooja or Laxmi Pooja requires extensive preparations to create a divine ambience. The team at Alankrita Decorations will make the entire event hassle-free and seamless, allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy your Pooja peacefully.

We have experienced priests, a team to organize the entire setup inclusive of room decoration, yagna setup and provide all the material required for the Pooja, photographers/videographers for the event, guest seating arrangements, proper room illumination, experienced caterers for a vegetarian food arrangement for buffet or al-a-carte. We can work with the menu you recommend.

Birthday Party

There is nothing more joyful yet important than a birthday party and nothing that is more chaotic. We know that your goal is to make your little one’s birthday party a memorable one and gather as many beautiful memories as you can.

We recognize the importance of this day for you and work with custom themes, organize fun games tailored for both children and adults, arrange amazing piñata’s, organize a DJ, innovative decorations, creative sweets tables, photo collages detailing your little one’s journey and capture this beautiful day through our lens.

Alankrita Decorations will ensure your party is a date to remember for a long time!

Indian Baraat

One of the important and fun events in Indian wedding is Baraat. Entire venue and streets around drawn towards colorful, music-filled baraat. Big entry of Groom into wedding venue with the lively procession with all family the friends truly sets the tone for the entire day. Laughter, dancing, cheering, and excitement… the baraat is the ultimate way to kick off wedding festivities.

Traditionally, a baraat features the bridegroom riding down the street to the wedding venue on a white horse, a Ghodi, adorned with flowering creations and bejeweled embellishments. He sits on an intricately embroidered saddle and carries a ceremonial sword at his side while a young male relative like a nephew or cousin rides with him sitting up front on the horse. Depending on the South Asian tradition of the family, the groom wears a turban or headdress with a ceremonial veil of beads or flowers that cover his eyes while his close male relatives walking alongside him wear turbans.

The customary wedding attire of the groom has largely remained the same over the years, however, the baraat itself has evolved into even more of an extravagant party with many grooms opting to ride on elephants or roll up in gleaming carriages or even lavish white luxury cars.

The spirited soundtrack of a baraat is formed by the singing of accompanying groomsmen, or baraatis, as well as a band, or in more modern events, a DJ who drives alongside the groom blasting foot-stomping bhranga beats like those from Red Baraat or hit Bollywood films. A traditional Indian wedding band will play lots of South Asian instruments, including a dohl of course, and baraatis, family members, and friends will all sing and dance along.

An Indian wedding baraat can require the use of multiple vendors including bands, DJ’s, florists, animal handlers, horse and carriage companies, event planners, you name it! Here at Alankrita Celebrations, we know finding all the right people to pull off the perfect baraat off can be difficult. That’s why we have created a list of our favorite baraat vendors for you, all handpicked for their excellent work and experience in putting on these types of events. Check them out below and uncover more baraat inspiration in our Maharani Weddings ‘Platinum Guide!

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